Osmow’s Makes Top 5 List for Shawarma in Mississauga

Osmow’s was recently featured on Insauga as one of the Top 5 Shawarma Joints in Mississauga.

“With locations all over Mississauga and the expansions coming fast and furious Osmow’s has created a great process to make a mean shawarma. When you order your shawarma, it is shaved off the spit and grilled for some extra seasoning before going in the pita. They have a pretty cool way of setting up the pita bread, too. It’s like they take two pitas and combine them together to give you the super wrap. Origami with pitas! At the end of the day, the chicken shawarma was a perfect balance of seasoning in the meat, fresh toppings and heat.”

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Chicken Shawarma Wrap

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