Osmow’s Authentic Mediterranean restaurant opens in Orangeville

Osmow’s was recently featured on Orangeville.com with the opening of our newest location in Orangeville.

As soon as people caught wind Osmow’s was opening in Orangeville, the franchise’s owner, Ziad Ibrahim, quickly learned the authentic Mediterranean restaurant chain’s “we’re making what your cravin’” slogan holds true.

“You’ll never know how many people asked ‘When will you open? We are so excited to try your food.’ A lot, maybe more than 50 to 100 persons a day,” Ibrahim said.

“People in Canada know what kind of food we can serve them,” he said. “People that live in Orangeville love Mediterranean shawarma and food.”

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Stop in and try our Shawarma in Orangeville right by the corner of First St. and Hansen Blvd.

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