Let’s Feed HOPE…Together.

The Osmow's Hope Fund

It’s been 20 years since we introduced Osmow’s to our community, and along the way we learned many things.

First, that food and family go hand in hand. That’s why Osmow’s is still a family-run business after all these years.

Second, that we are incredibly fortunate to call Canada our home, and we should never take for granted the food on our table every day. For many people around the world, a good meal means HOPE for the future.

That’s why 20 years (and millions of shawarmas) later, we’re launching Osmow’s HOPE Fund. Together with Mary’s Meals, we have committed to providing over 1200 meals to children in developing countries. We know that we can feed HOPE around the world, one meal at a time, so that others less fortunate than us can have the opportunity at a better life.

Will you join us? Please choose to ROUND UP when visiting one of our locations.

Mary's Meals Believes Every Child Deserves an Education and Enough to Eat

Together, with Mary’s Meals, our vision is that every child receives one nutritious daily meal in their place of education and that all those who have more than they need, share with those who lack even the most basic things. $26.40 is all it costs for us to feed a child for a whole school year. That is only 13 cents a day. Help us reach more children who are waiting for a nourishing meal today!

Mary’s Meals is feeding over 1, 838,859 million children a day in 19 countries. Join The Movement (www.marysmeals.ca).

Please choose to ROUND UP so that we can go over and above the Osmow’s corporate commitment of $30,000 – that will feed 1,200 students daily for a year!

Can you help us give more?